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January 22, 2009 by CharlesLentz
So a coworker turned me on to this upcoming game called Plain Sight.  Apparently you're a robot, and you kill other robots for points.  To cache your points, you gotta kill yourself.  Get killed by someone else and you lose your uncached points.  Rinse and repeat.  Highest score wins.

Anyway, this sounds like a highly addictive and fun-as-hell game.  They even have a PC version in Beta right now. 

Wouldn't it be nice/freaking-awesome if this game were dis...
December 4, 2008 by CharlesLentz
So I was a few days late to the parade, but I did end up getting the Xbox 360 update (New Xbox Experience, or NXE).  I got it like 3 days after it's launch of November 19th.  It downloaded pretty fast, installed quickly, and the changes that it brings are pretty cool.

One of the more popular changes, (if my friends list is any indication), is the ability to stream Netflix in HD.  For the past week or two, at least half of my friends status' have said "(friend name) is playing N...
August 6, 2008 by CharlesLentz
While it never comes as any surprise to people that actually play video games, various state Governments continue to waste tax dollars by drafting laws to regulate the sale of videogames, only to have them deemed unconstitutional.

You've probably read elsewhere about how this has happened in Minnesota, and New York.  In 2005, California Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill into law that fined anyone found selling violent games to minors.  That law has since been overturn...
July 15, 2008 by CharlesLentz
Go here and take the World's Smallest Political Quiz. It's only 10 multiple-choice questions. What's your score?

Here's mine:
July 14, 2008 by CharlesLentz
Rock Band 2 tracklisting was announced.  Every single one of them is a master track (not a cover band doing the song).  There's some reallly great stuff here.  Plus for the 360 version, all the DLC (downloaded content) is compatible with RB2.  Which is amazing.  On top of that, they've said that they've come up with a way for users to transfer all of the on-disc songs from RB1 and have them playable from RB2, basically doubling your tracks for the game.

Discuss. ...
July 7, 2008 by CharlesLentz
Cheat Code Central gives Political Machine 2008 a whirl and scores it a 3.8/5.0 (76%).

Here's an excerpt:
"Whether you have a passing interest in politics or are hardcore aboutyour choice of candidate, The Political Machine 2008 is highlyenjoyable regardless of your political leanings."

Here's the link to the full review: PM2008 review
July 2, 2008 by CharlesLentz
I'm interested in seeing the PC Specs of our PM2008 userbase. Whether the game works perfectly for you or not, please stop over to this thread and let us know what your specs are.

Thank you.
June 24, 2008 by CharlesLentz
So for those of you that don't know, I work at Stardock, on the game team.  On July 19th, I will have been here for 2 years.  So far, I've worked on GC2 Dark Avatar, GC2 Twilight of the Arnor, Political Machine 2008, and our unannounced fantasy TBS game. 

Our team is pretty small, but I'm neither the newest game developer, nor one of the more senior ones.  I guess I'm somewhat of the middle child.

Anyway, while working on PM2008, I had complained that my video card...